Monday, January 10, 2011

What A Weekend

Whew, a three day weekend and the ENTIRE weekend was spent moving!!! Mr. Pickle and I decided to relocate locally and packed, moved and attempted to unpack as much as possible within the last 72 hours. I am sore, tired and a little overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done.
Since there are no pictures of our moving adventures, I figured I would recap a bit of our previous weekend celebrating New Year's.
We had friends come into town from LA for the weekend. Unfortunately, the day they were due to arrive (Wednesday) one of our dogs got sprayed by a skunk and left the whole house, backyard and himself really stinky. {Side Note: Have you ever smelled a skunk once it has just sprayed?? It does not smell like a dead skunk that you pass by on the road, it smells like burning rubber, skunk and really strong garlic...not pretty at all.} The smell was so powerful, I jumped into sweats and ran out the door with wet hair just to get out of the house, I figured I could get ready at work. Once I got to work I looked up some remedies and most explained the faster you do something about the smell the better. I left work and braved the smelly house. I bathed both dogs at least 5 times, used 4 bottles of febreez, put out 6 bowls of white vinegar and sprinkled the carpets with a whole box of baking soda (after he got sprayed, he came running in the house trying to rub the smell of by rolling around on the carpets, couches, etc.).
Mr. Pickle decided we couldn't allow our guests to stay in the smelly house all weekend and made arrangements for the stinky dog to go to the kennel and found us a house in Dillon Beach for the weekend. The house was awesome. The weather was FREEZING so we didn't spend too much time at the beach, but we could still see it from the house and admired it from far away.

Friday night, New Year's Eve, we had planned on a gourmet dinner cooked by Mr. Pickle, but ate a late lunch and decided Saturday night would be best for a large meal. We snacked on cheese and crackers and fresh Oysters from Tomales Bay, played games, rang in the New Year and headed to bed shortly afterwards. It was a nice low-key night.

The beach down the street

Yummy Oysters

Puka kept the Champagne flowing all night
Mr. Pickle and me

Me and Puka


Happy New Year!!!

Puka was exhausted

Saturday was a lazy day around the house. After making breakfast we stayed cozy inside and watched a bunch of movies. It was fabulous!! Saturday night Mr. Pickle made a delicious meal.

Puka had fun looking out the window all day

Sunday morning we woke up, cleaned the house and headed home. Once we got home, I decided to go see a movie. I enjoy going to the movies by myself sometimes and I was craving some alone time.
The weekend was a perfect beginning to a New Year!!


Jenny DB said...

Aaah moving is such a pain in the ARSE. BTW, PUKA is absolutely precious. LOVE the ears!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

YOU MOVED??? You make it sound like no big deal :)
I have never smelled a skunk right when it sprays, but it sounds horrible.