Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goals

I feel like after this post I will be all caught up with my holiday posting.

I wanted to keep a list of goals I would like to work on for 2011...

- Learn how to sew
- Become more familiar with using my DSLR/take a lot of pictures
- Get settled in our new home
- Accept the fact that I will be 30 this year and that it is not a horrible thing
- Continue with my efforts to make time for friends/family
- Continue working out
- Expand my horizons with cooking
- Attain healthier eating habits

I am confident that I can achieve these goals!


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVE THESE GOALS!!! I want to learn how to sew too!! Also, I need to learn more about my DSLR!! 30 is young woman!!! You got these goals!!!

Jax said...

We have VERY similar goals for the year... and we're both turning 30 this year! I'm less intimidated by the number and more by "holy crap, what should I accomplish in my 30s!!??!!" haha.. I start to totally psych myself out. We can get each other's backs via blog world. :) XOXO!

MMarcie Lynn Photography said...

YES you can! And, you all ready have a good start on some of them. :)