Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Review

Despite other parts of the US experiencing colder weather, Cali has been unusually warm. Luckily, this kept up through the weekend!!!

Friday night Mr. Pickle's sister came in to town with her husband and daughter. We enjoyed spending the evening with them and this cutie pie!!!

PS. These are the only pics I took this weekend :(
Saturday morning I got my hair cut. I was in much need as it had been a while. I love the feeling of freshly cut hair, so healthy and light.
From the hair salon I went straight to a reunion of some gals I used to know/play softball with back in the day. It was so fun catching up with these ladies and their meeting their significant others and kids. We decided to do it again next year at our cabin in Tahoe.
Saturday night was spent hanging out at my house with my sis and the boys.
Sunday morning I got the pleasure of having brunch with my sis and one of my close friends. We have all been so busy lately that it has been hard to connect. Brunch was the perfect time for us to get together and still have the rest of the day to be responsible. She actually ended up bringing over her fiance and son to our house later for some BBQ.
Starvin' Marvin's BBQ Team had a practice cook on Saturday night/Sunday and we had a TON of yummy meat. We had about 10 people over and we still have a ton left. It's always nice when the boys practice because we get to reap the yummy benefits. They made brisket and pork butt. Both were pretty dang tasty if I do say so myself.
The rest of Sunday was spent unpacking some boxes and trying to organize the garage. We have been out of town a lot since the move, so we are still living out of boxes. We made a dent this weekend, but still have some work to do.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!


Miss Chelsea said...

Ooh what a doll! We went to a bbq cookoff competition thing last spring, I had never been to one... very interesting! I never realized how much time/money/dedication went into it - WOW! It was so neat to be there though (One of Chris' parents friends had a team)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

My friend in San Diego emailed me telling me how much she was enjoying the warm weather and how happy she is to have gotten out of here :)
That meat sounds delish. I keep forgetting you JUST moved!!