Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sugar ah Honey Honey

I have this horrible habit...I always crave something sweet to eat. No, really. I can't conclude a meal without something sweet (except maybe breakfast). I have gone to great measures to get this sweet tooth satisfied. The examples are endless (hello making smores at the gas fire place at lunch time causing me to be late getting back to work). I can't exactly pinpoint when or where I picked up this horrible habit, but it feels as if it is impossible to break.

Yes, I have tried not buying sweet stuff, but then I end up eating anything and everything in it's place resulting in me still craving something sweet but feeling like I'm going to vomu. Yes, I have tried getting a bag of Hersey Kisses and only eating a few, but ummmm that's like giving an alcoholic a bottle of alcohol and telling them to only take a few sips!!! I have eaten ice cream that has freezer crystals on it, not to mention eating ice cream that I don't even like!

Even worse, I just realized See's Candy is only a block away from my house and not too far out of my way when going back to work at lunch. I stayed strong today and managed to not turn in that direction, but hello, I have only been living at this house for a few weeks. I am going to have to have that will power EVERY day??? Geesh.

I swear I have will power. I quit smoking cold turkey after YEARS of smoking a pack a day. But sweets, that's a whole different ballgame.

Baby steps.

PS. Why when I typed 'sweet tooth' into Google Images did a bunch of pictures of marijuana and scary clowns come up??? Odd. Anywho, pics are from Google Images


Annie said...

oh my gosh! i have the same problem!!! i blame mine on my pregnancy and i'm so curious to see if it goes away after baby comes!!
even for dinner i'm having sweet potato fries and appetizer, gummy bears and m&m's (i'm out of control), i also baked a cake tonight. my goodness, i have no idea who i have become, haha!!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I always had a sweet tooth growing up and into college- then it went away for probably the past 6 years- but it is back with pregnancy like a vengeance. I mean, I NEVER wanted dessert for the past several years. Sweets gave me a belly ache. Pancakes and maple syrup- FORGET about it- SICK , SICK. NOW…BRING IT! Before pregnancy, I preferred to have a cocktail instead of dessert! WELL, I have read that when People stop drinking (and obviously I did when I got pregnant) that people often get a real sweet tooth! I don’t think you have stopped drinking...but I wondered if that played a role for me. Yesterday, I walked Down the street about 5 minutes to this expensive candy store…I went and spent $11 on chocolate covered goodness- I had to stop in a book store right next to the candy store, and While I was looking for the book I needed, I NEEDED my candy stat. I was trying to tear into the packages, and I seriously probably looked like a crazy person, hiding behind a book case sneaking my “food” that is not allowed in there, and SHOVING big chocolates in my mouth! The sting of the sugar even hurt my tooth at first, but I STUFFED THE entire package in my mouth before leaving! I felt like an addict. Then, I got back to my desk and ATE EVERY single piece of the candy I had bought within minutes. I thought it would last me the week!! hahaha

Miss Chelsea said...

I have to end every meal (except breakfast) with something sweet too... but I'm one of those people who is content with a few Hershey's Kisses or something. Has to be chocolate though!

Jenny DB said...

I have NEVER craved sugar, lucky for me, or dessert... just like ASHLEY was saying. My biggest weakness has always been CHEESE (and salty foods) BUT I did take a month off from drinking and when I did that I found myself wanting chocolate. Which was VERY unusual for me. So I think maybe ash has a point, the sugar in wine or beer was gone so I wanted chocoloate haha. SO MAYBE you just need to start drinking and you'll stop craving sweets? :-) hehe