Friday, December 23, 2011

Checking In

I wanted to go back and check in on the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and also start thinking about what my goals are going to be for the year to come.

My goals for 2011...

1.) Learn how to sew - CHECK - I still have lots to learn, but the fact that I have sewn items to give out as gifts and am not totally embarrassed by them is a plus in my book. I actually have been more crafty overall this past year (thanks somewhat to Pinterest)

2.) Become more familiar with using my DSLR/take a lot of pictures - Ehhhh. This isn't a total failure, but I definitely had higher hopes for this one. I do take my camera everywhere and capture a TON of photos, but I would like to get better at using the Manual mode and capture more artistic photos. I foresee this making the list for 2012!

3.) Get settled in our new home - CHECK - I think we are fairly settled now. I would love to be able to decorate the house better but I have a few roadblocks I am dealing with (no money, decorating is not my strong point, we are in a rental and can't paint, etc.). Since I think we are staying put for a bit longer maybe I will work on decorating now that we are settled.

4.) Accept the fact that I will be 30 this year and that it is not a horrible thing - CHECK - I am 30 and am comfortable with it!

5.) Continue with my efforts to make time for friends/family - CHECK - I am always striving to spend time with friends and family. I put so much into my relationships and am so happy with the results I get in return. I did have to let go of a friendship that was not worth my time/effort, but I have come to peace with it and have moved on.

6.) Continue working out - CHECK - I love running. I currently have an injury I am dealing with, but I am hoping to get a few 5/10Ks under my belt before achieving my ultimate goal of a half marathon.

7.) Expand my horizons with cooking - Weeeeelllll. - CHECK and NON-CHECK - I have been cooking A LOT more, but usually just stick with what I know. I am slowly getting better at it.

8.) Attain healthier eating habits - CHECK - Joining We!ght W@tchers has taught me a lot about making healthier food choices. I have lost a little under 30 pounds (I hope to reach 30 by the end of the year) and feel so much better.

Not a bad list. Overall I would say I did pretty well. Stay tuned for a new list of goals for 2012!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hope I'm on the Nice List!

Long time no blog. I suck at this game as of late. Sorry folks.

I thought I would post my Christmas list just in case I make the NICE list this year. In all honesty though, I can never think of what I want when I sit down to make a list, so thought maybe this would help out some of yous (not that there are even a bunch of you still reading due to my lack of postings)...

Silhouette Cameo

Nikon 50 mm AF-S Lens

Soda Stream

Photoshop Elements 10

The Missing Manual for Photoshop Elements 10

Zella Seamless Sports Bra (and a flat tummy)

Zella Workout Pants

Orgins Plantscription

Orgins Sunshine State SPF

Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet

Gift Certificate to JoAnn's
Image from Google Images

What is on your wish list?