Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Review

What a wonderful and busy weekend!!

Friday I had lunch with my sis and even go our picture taken with Santa...yes, we are still children at heart. At lunch she told me she was doing a maternity shoot for my best friend from middle school (we had lost touch but found each other on FB). My boss was kind enough to give me the rest of the afternoon off to crash their photo session. It was great catching up and seeing her cute little baby bump. After a few location changes, we all headed to dinner. I had an appointment later that evening so we parted ways. After my appointment, my sis and I ended up at the mall until 11 o'clock!!! We didn't even pay attention to the time, I couldn't believe it was that late.

SANTA....I know him
Saturday my sis and I headed to Santa Cruz for our great uncle's memorial service. It was great seeing family and being able to sit down and talk to everyone. Can't wait for our family reunion in 2012...I have the funniest family ever! On our way home we stopped for some snacks and more shopping. Once we finally made it home, I did some crafts and went to bed early.

Sunday Mr. Pickle and I went to breakfast and I went to do more shopping. I wish I could say all the shopping was xmas shopping, but I def got myself some things as well. When I got home we got ready to head to San Francisco for my sister's boyfriend's birthday celebration. We got there a little early to give him his gifts and enjoy some wine, then hit up Milano's pizza for some yummy pizza and great friends. While we headed back home early, the rest of the bunch went to Pub Quiz at a local bar.


Sis and Her BF/Birthday Boy

Mr. Pickle and I

What's a celebration without cupcakes and cake?

Love his shirt!!

The gang


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I am so glad you found me so now I can stalk I mean follow you! Your blog is adorable and it looks like you had an amazing weekend! Yummy cupcakes!

V said...

Glad you had a great weekend, I love seeing other people's pictures and how they spend their time. lovely <3

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! You really get around on the weekends :)
I LOVE family reunions!