Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Montana Trip

My uncle (my dad's brother) and aunt moved to Montana about 8 years ago after living in the Bay Area for most of their lives. Mr. Pickle and I had only been to visit them once since they moved (although we see them often) and it was during the fall when the temps were cooler, but nothing compared to what they were last week!!

Since my father passed away when I was a teenager, my uncle really stepped in being the father figure for my sister and I. This is still true today. He (and my grandpa) even walked me down the aisle at my wedding.

Last year we decided to visit my uncle and aunt in Montana for Thanksgiving since they seem to always be making trips to California for holidays and such. Once my sister and her boyfriend heard of the plan, they were on board as well. My uncle and aunt were excited beyond belief to have us all with them for almost a week.

Montana is beautiful!!! I love visiting, but can't imagine living in that kind of weather. How do some of you do it?!

Here is a little recap of our trip in pictures...

Mr. Pickle and I waiting to board our plane (my sis and her bf drove)

Welcome to Montana

What can I say, we love wine

My sister, uncle and I on our first night

My uncle and Mr. Pickle clearing the driveway

My sister and I supervising as the boys did work

Doing my part

Down the street from my uncle's house

Glacier National Park

View in Glacier National Park

More views

The gang at the lodge in Glacier National Park
Last view before leaving the park
I unfortunately did not get a picture of the lovely spread we had for Thanksgiving or our trip home (6:00 am flight the day after Thanksgiving does not make for any interesting pics). My sister took some AMAZING pics that you can see here!!
It went by fast, but we had a great time!!

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Marcie Lynn Photography said...

Brrrrrrrrr...I cannot believe we were in 0 degree weather!