Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Guess I'm Loved

I think my dog loves me/us too much!!! Every time I/we leave he gets all anxious and freaks out. Either he tears stuff up or he paces around the house panting (I can tell because of all the wet droplet spots all over the floors).

I feel so bad for him because his separation anxiety has gotten so bad again. He was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society almost 5 years ago. He did good for the first couple months and then he started shaking when I would leave him. Since I worked with my mom out of her house, I was allowed to bring him to work with me. He continued to shake but it didn't get too bad until a few years later.

One day he was in my grandpa's backyard when we went to lunch and we came home to find an empty yard. It took two long, miserable days before he eventually came back home because he was so hungry. Ever since his separation anxiety has been worse.

Eventually we put him on medication that had an adverse affect, so we had to take him off of it. We worked with a trainer for a while and put him on puppy Prozac and he was doing okay. That was until he escaped from our yard in July and hasn't been the same since.

We used to be able to leave the doggie door in for the dogs and there wasn't a problem and now he immediately goes to the gate (where he gets out) when we are just getting ready to leave. We now keep the dogs locked inside and I go home every day at lunch to let them out. One day he unlocked the sliding glass door and got out of the yard.

He has destroyed several things and would rather come to work with me and sit in my car than be left alone. I guess it is time to shell out the money to go back to working with a trainer.

Poor pup, he loves us so much he can't stand for us to leave him. Lucky for him, we love him just as much and will do whatever it takes to work this out!! Let's just hope he doesn't ruin everything or hurt himself in the process.

Photo by Marcie Lynn Photography


Kelly and Sara said...

So cute! I always feel so bad leaving my kittens, they would literally just love to cuddle and play all day if we would. Know how you feel :) Have a great week!

Laura Darling said...

This is so sad! I would have been so upset if my dog had gone missing for two days! I'm glad he finally came back home! And what a cute face he has! I hope he gets better soon!

Mrs. Awesome said...

Same thing happened with Toby. He would scratch and bark at the door ALL day. We finally had to get a crate for him when we leave the house. This actually works out pretty well, because he knows we are leaving, and it's his "safe place." We give him a treat each time he goes in which also helps! He even goes in there sometimes at night to lay down while we are watching TV. Good luck!

Heather said...

Poor guy! My pup has/had some pretty bad separation anxiety, but thankfully it seems to be getting a little better. I have to make sure I exercise him adequately, if I don't and I leave him alone for a typical work day he'll find something to chew on (something that he's not supposed to chew on too!).