Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Review

Whew, another hectic weekend!!!

Mr. Pickle and some of his college friends had planned a football weekend for this past weekend.

Friday night we met one of the couples in San Francisco and went to Espetus, a Brazilian steak house. Holy heck was there a lot of food. Mostly meat, although they did have a salad bar for those who were interested. It was quite tasty and a fun atmosphere. We left STUFFED! We stopped at the Fairmont for some drinks and then Mr. Pickle and I headed home.

Saturday morning was 'football day'. The boys brought their wives/girlfriends to our house to watch college football. The boys started drinking beer at 10:30 in the morning and watched college football until about 11:00 at night. Us girls stuck around for a bit to cheer on the teams and enjoy all the food Mr. Pickle cooked, but eventually we headed out for a little pampering. When we came back home the boys had taken some shots, turned the TV into the kitchen and started a game of poker. Yes, they may be in their thirties, but when they all get together they revert back to their college days.

The empty Bud Light box became entertainment for some.

A few couples ended up staying at our house, so Sunday was spent with everyone back at the house watching the 49ers game (and what a pathetic game it was). After the game, some headed home, others headed to a local shopping center and others (ie. Mr. Pickle and I) headed to bed to rest for the afternoon. We eventually got up and got lunch and managed to accomplish some Sunday chores before we were back to bed for the night.
Such a great weekend catching up with old friends!!

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Aimee said...

Wow what a very fun weekend. taht sounds like the best weekend ever. except I would probably stay and watch football.

But yay for girly pampering time.

And yes the 49ers gme was pathetic and I dont get it either because this is the same team that almost beat the Saints.