Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Review

What a relaxing weekend...just what the doctor ordered.

Friday night I had the house to myself since Mr. Pickle was out with a college buddy. I spent the night on the couch with the pups catching up on all my shows on DVR, eating sushi and playing around on the computer. I finally got off my lazy butt around 8:15 and went for a nice long walk with the dog (only one of my dog's likes to go on walks, the other refuses to move after about 5 minutes). I went to bed pretty early, with the help of Tylenol PM, but was woken up around 4 am when Mr. Pickle came home!!!

Saturday morning I went to my grandpa's house and we ran some errands. I had a chiropractor appointment for my neck at noon so he came with me and then I took him to a new restaurant that he really enjoyed. I dropped him off and headed to a high school football game with Mr. Pickle. My friend's brother is a senior in high school and on the varsity football team. Their family supports him at all of his games and this one just happened to be in my neck of the woods (about an hour away from where they live). When she texted me on Friday night, I was excited that I was available to meet up at the game. We had a good time catching up while watching her little bro play foosball. Afterwards we had a dinner and movie night at home.

Mr. Pickle had to work on Sunday, so I was left alone again. I literally did NOTHING all day. Okay, so at least I went grocery shopping and did laundry and made Mr. Pickle some brownies, but other than that it was a lazy Sunday!


Aimee said...

Sounds like you had a fun and relaxin weekend. Yummy sushi and the TV. Sounds like my kinda night.

I always give kev a hard time when he comes home after 3.Im like dude the bar closes at 2 am what could yoiu have been doing?

Thats awesome yiu got to catch up with a friend.

Kassie said...

Such a cute brownie pan!!

Vic said...

well i hate to be alone! id'a baked too! love the heart brownies...ur such a sweetie..i hope he ate! b hates baked goods...won't eat anything i make----->weirdo!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Lazy Sundays are the best!!
I tagged you in a little game at my place.