Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Review

Another long weekend and it was fantastic. I got to spend time with friends and family, celebrate my friend's getting married, take a few naps and be productive!!!

Friday I got off work early and had all intentions of doing something fun and girly since I had no plans and Mr. Pickle was out of town for the night. Instead I went home and took a two hour nap and chatted on the phone with one of my besties for almost two hours!! I decided to make a smoothie for dinner and watch a DVD while playing around on my computer. Side note: My grandpa bought me a new MacBook Pro for my birthday!!

Saturday morning I headed to my grandpa's house for some quality time. He took me out to breakfast and we ran some errands and then went back to his house and chatted and I made him some lunch. I hit up the mall on my way home and was getting too frustrated with the lack of findings and the crowds. I got home, Mr. Pickle and I got ready and we left for a wedding. The weather was beautiful and the wedding reception was a blast (they had a private ceremony with family a few weeks ago). It was a great time.

Sunday morning I slept in, ahhhhhhh. We ended up meeting Mr. Pickle's parent's for lunch in Livermore and planned on going wine tasting in the Livermore Valley, but holy hell was it packed. This weekend all the wineries were celebrating Harvest. We got out at one winery to taste and decided we would come back another time when it wasn't so crazy. We went home and relaxed for a bit and I ended up taking another nap. We decided it was a pizza and movie night. We rented a few movies, picked up some pizza and spent the night in with the pups.

Monday I woke up and worked out first thing so I could get it out of the way. Afterwards, Mr. Pickle and I decided to do some work in our backyard since we were having people over for a BBQ later in the day. We worked for about 2 hours. I am very sore today!! We had an early BBQ and lounged around the house for the rest of the day. Mr. Pickle had a Fantasy Football draft last night, so he was busy "preparing" before it started. And so it begins!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. I can't believe the next "vacation time" for work is for Turkey Day!!! I may need to go on vaca before then :)

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Aimee said...

Sounds like a very fun filled weekend

You are a luclky duck with that bday present. I miss my macbook.

The wedding reception looks like you all had a lot of fun

Yes fantasy drafts! I am loving fantasy football.

Yah I need some more long weekends.