Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dress Up

Although my most favoritest season is summer, my most favoritest holiday is Halloween (yes, I know favoritest is not a word IRL, but in my world it is). So even though I am a bit sad summer (if we can even call the weather we have been having the past few months summer) is coming to an end, I at least have Halloween to look forward to!!

Every year, my sister and her boyfriend host a Halloween party, which I also help plan and host. It has become quite the event around our group of friends and I (along with several others) look forward to the party every year. I love dressing up, in sorority I was all about the mixers with the different themes (I think my fave was the White Trash Wedding theme). I am always impressed by how much others get into dressing up. Some costumes are very creative while others are just plain fun. I am so excited for the party this year!

While I am still throwing around a few different costume ideas (I have actually narrowed it down to two, but I can't go public with that info....hello, I want it to be a surprise), Mr. Puka Dog is set!! Here he is in his spider costume!!

(My sister actually bought it for one of her dogs but she - the dog not my sister- is too chubby to fit into it, so she passed it on to Puka.)

Puka actually likes dressing up. Every time I bring out a shirt of his, he gets all excited and jumps around!! Satch (our other dog), not so much. Not to mention, they don't really have good costume options for bigger dogs, no fair!

In another post, I will share some great costumes that have been present at the Halloween party over the years!!

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