Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Review

This weekend was my sister's birthday weekend!!! We had planned to go to Alcatraz Saturday afternoon, have a wine and apps night at their house with friends Saturday night and do whatever she wanted on Sunday. Unfortunately, this is not how it went down because she was sick allllll weekend :( My family makes a BIG deal about birthdays, so the fact that we didn't get to celebrate with her this weekend was sad. BUT, we do have a camping trip with friends planned in a few weekends to really celebrate, so hopefully she will be in tip top shape by then.

I didn't have to work on Friday so I spent the morning sleeping in, cuddling with my doggies, going for a run, cleaning up and then going to my grandpa's for the afternoon. When I got home I decided to rent When In Rome and take it easy until Mr. Pickle got off work. Did anyone else see that movie?? I am a sucker for Romantic Comedy, but I could not get into that movie. I ended up taking a little nap and then woke up to get ready to visit our friends and meet their new son. I didn't get any pictures because he was a little fussy and then went down for a nap, but OMG he is adorable!!!

When we woke up on Saturday and found out we wouldn't be hanging with my sis and her boyfriend, we called our friends in San Jose and made plans with them. We were going to go to Santa Cruz for the day, but there was some big race going on so we opted to go to Half Moon Bay instead. We had a nice afternoon wine tasting, walking around, enjoying the beach and getting some drinks and apps before heading home.

Mr. Pickle and his friend actually just got back from Alaska where they caught a bunch of Halibut so they made delicious fish tacos for dinner while me and his wife drank some wine and hung out. The boys headed to the bar and we headed to bed (party poopers, I know).

Sunday morning we had a small breakfast and headed home. We ran some errands on the way home, took a nap once we got home and then woke up and finished our Sunday chores.

Although the weekend didn't go as planned, we still had a nice one. Although I wish my sis was feeling better. She went to the doctor's this morning, so hopefully she will get put on meds and back to normal in no time.


Katie said...

looks like fun!!

Aimee said...

awww that sucks your sis was sick on her bday. Hate when that happens

Looks like you had a fun weekend nonetheless. Yummy wine tasting!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I hope your sister feels better soon.
AND, alcatraz...what is there to celebrate a birthday??? I am thinking something different maybe?

Kristin said...

Wine tasting and good friends...sounds like a fabulous afternoon!

Kristin said...

Wine tasting and good friends...sounds like a fabulous afternoon!