Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 by 30 Thursday

Weeks are just flying by this year...craziness!!

Still doing good with my workouts. I have continued with my running and finally started the 30 Day Shred. Ouchie, my muscles were sore the first few days, but that is fine by me. I even got up before work a few days and got my workout out of the way. Usually I can't get my lazy ass out of bed for anything, but I was having a hard time going back to sleep a couple of mornings and decided to bite the bullet and workout. I love running in the morning, it is so peaceful and calm and it feels so refreshing to get a good sweat sesh before starting my chaotic (yet boring) day!!

I must say that I feel like exercise has become a habit. I don't really think about doing it, I just do it. I know I will need to vary my workout and eventually step it up a notch, but I think I am doing pretty well. One thing that keeps me motivated is keeping a calendar at my desk at work and every day I get in at least 30 mins. of exercise I get to put a sticker on the day. I have almost every week day filled with stickers for the month thus far so I am motivated to keep up with it. It may seem silly, but it honestly does work for me.

My mom told me last night that I look like I have lost some weight!! Woohoo. Hopefully my clothes will start fitting better. I know it is bad to say but I haven't tried on a pair of jeans since the weather has gotten warmer. I have been wearing dresses, skirts and linen pants with ties at the waist. Part of me is scared that my jeans won't fit like I had hoped the would and the other part of me is excited to finally put them on because I may be pleasantly surprised. I'll let you know how it goes since we are taking a tour of Alcatraz this weekend and I am probably going to need to bundle up a bit.


Mrs. Awesome said...

Good job! Keep it up! xoxo

Maubrey said...

thats nice...weight decreased...ha

Kristen said...

I was actually going to mention I could tell you look more toned and trimmed the other day, but was distracted, as usual, lol

I am feeling the same way about trying on my jeans again, too. But, it's great to just keep going at it and making it a habit. You're doing awesome :)

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Get it girl!

Jenny DB said...

Ya, get after it! I love it when exercise becomes addictive! My poison = crossfit :-)