Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is a true story...

I don't know why (perhaps because I grew up with it) I am still addicted to The Real World. Side Note: According to Wikipedia the show first broadcasted in 1992...18 years ago!!! Holy cow! Anywho, I am not as interested as I used to be...I suppose I have moved on to such great MTV shows as The Hills and The City...yet still find the drama entertaining.

The new season of The Real World started last week and it is located in New Orleans. I love New Orleans, if you recall I blogged about when Mr. Pickle and I went to New Orleans here. I love the energy and the action the city has to offer. I am so jealous the cast members get to party it up in New Orleans for 3 months.

I think it would be awesome to be on The Real World, especially in a cool location. When I was 19 me, my sis and our two best friends went to summer school at the University of Hawaii, Manona on Oahu. We took one class, lived in the co-ed dorms and partied for 6 weeks. I feel like if our experiences were tapped it would have made an awesome reality show!! I will go into more detail in another post with pictures that I recently stumbled upon.

If you were offered a spot to be on The Real World, would you accept? Are you watching the new season?

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Katie said...

I'm watching. And I think I would accept... but I wouldn't like the aftermath of always being considered a real worlder for life

Sonja said...

I've been watching since the beginning aswell-this season is a bit ridiculous already. I want to slap Ryan everytime he opens his mouth! haha

My friend Alden and I tried out for The Real World in 2005!

I was actually surprised/kind of bummed that they did it in NOLA again ! I wanted someplace new! lol

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I cant believe it has been on for 18 years! THey should bring back the original cast for a special...or have they done that? i think one died from AIDS?
I would do all the party and fun stuff, but not sure if I would want it aired on tv! :))