Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Review

While Mr. Pickle away...Mrs. Pickle will play!! (Mr. Pickle went to Alaska for five days to visit a friend.)

I had a mostly fabulous weekend!! As I mentioned on Friday, me and some girlfriends were headed up to Tahoe for a girls day/night. Friday night I packed, made cupcakes (we celebrated one of our friend's birthday while in Tahoe), gave myself a mani/pedi, ordered in some sushi and went to bed early.

We headed out early on Saturday morning and made it to Tahoe by noonish. The trip started with a little relaxing while consuming a few adult beverages (never mind that No Alcohol sign on the way to the beach).

We hung out for a few hours and headed to our swanky hotel to get ready. (Side Note: Hotel was farrrr from swanky, but it was cheap and the room came with three beds, lots of room for five girls' stuff and a enough counter space for us to not kill each other while trying to get ready.) We could hear the Rascal Flatts concert from our room which we enjoyed while getting ready. Sounded like a good concert!!

Once we left the room we hung out in the casino for a bit before headed to a fancy dinner at Sage Steakhouse located in Harveys.

After dinner we headed to Vex in Harrahs. While waiting in line, because I swear with a Celebrity Golf Tournament, a Snoop Dogg concert, a Rascal Flatts concert and a Rib Cookoff, there were a MILLION people in South Lake this weekend, we were entertained by everyone starring and taking pictures of this girl who apparently forgot to put on her pants before she left for the evening. This is no joke...this chick was straight walking around the casino like this and no, she did not work there. If this is your friend, sister, daughter, etc. I apologize for making fun, but common' someone should have refused to go out with her until she put some pants on.

After a long night of drinking and dancing, we made it to bed before 4:00 am and actually slept in until 9:30. We packed up and hit up Heidi's for some great service and delicious food before heading home. I so did not want to leave Tahoe. The weather was perfect and it is so beautiful up there, not to mention I can never get enough of the fresh clean air.

When we were exiting the parking lot I noticed a tour bus and jokingly said, "Hey, I wonder if that is Snoop's tour bus." Sure enough I look over and he is standing in front taking pictures with some fans. We flip a biatch and drive back through the parking lot, but he was already inside. Although you can't see, he is waving at us from inside his tour bus!!

Upon returning home on Sunday afternoon, I realized one of my dogs had run away from home. It isn't the first time he has ran away, but it is the first time in a looong time. (We usually don't leave him alone over night because he has separation anxiety but my roommate is usually home to keep him company for a bit so he doesn't normally get too anxious.) Luckily I found him within the first 5 minutes of looking. He was off the side of the road laying under a shady tree. Scary! I was soooooooooo happy he was okay. I obviously had to give him a bath because who knows where he had been. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, doing laundry and watching TV.


Mrs. Pick said...

Looks like a fab weekend! Girl's weekends are the best!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

OMG - I saw some skanky girls dressed like that walking to the GOLF tournament! I mean COME ON really? REALLY? Get it together the security should just reject those losers who dress like that. Oh good old Vex I LOVE it there and yes I couldn't believe all the events in Tahoe either when we drove down the strip we said, Golf Tournament, Rascal Flatts, Rib Cook-Off, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube lol that's a WHOLE bunch of WOW in one. LOVE the photos you girls had fun! I've been craving a cupcake for DAYS now.. I need to find a place in Sac.

Mrs. Awesome said...

LOVE Tahoe and I love Heidi's! Great choice on breakfast. :)

Aimee said...

How fun. Ive never been to Tahoe but I have heard its a lot of fun... Based off of your pictures and stories it sounds like that must be true.

Wow that is a lot of stuff going on for one weekend. Was snoop the only celebrity sighting you had? Thats cool!

Eww I hate when girls dont wear enough clothing

Katelin said...

what a great girls weekend and so fun you saw snoop. also, that girl was probably headed to his bus too, haha.

Kassie said...

Love your Tahoe pics of course. :) We didn't make it up to Vex since it's only open on the weekends apparently and we went during the week!

Katie said...

how awesome that he waved! And that girls out fit is nasty!!!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

oh my gosh! So glad you found him! I had a lost dog at my house tonight for a few hours and finally just tracked down the owner! I Love Tahoe but I have only been in the winter to ski. We went to a casino but I forget which one. Great pics...and that girl's shirt dress is too much. She must have known...