Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Review

I was lucky enough to have another 3 day weekend and it was fabulous!
Thursday night some ladies and I went to NightLife at the Cal Academy of Science. It's a great event for 21 and over where you are able to enjoy the museum without having to deal with little kids running around and they have bars and DJs throughout. It was a great time, but we have already decided we have to go back to go through the Rain Forest exhibit and go on the roof (it was raining like crazy so we didn't venture out).

Friday morning I was able to get some running around done and wait for the handyman to come install a new garbage disposal. Friday afternoon my sis and I hit up a local bar for what we thought would be happy hour but were told it was too early for happy hour at any bars in the area (it was almost 4). We decided to get an app and a drink anyway and unwind from the work week. Shortly after we got ready for dinner at a friend's house to celebrate her birthday.
Full Priced Blue Moon (tasted almost as good as if it was half priced at Happy Hour)


Dinner made by the Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Some of the party peeps!
Saturday morning we were supposed to get snow at very low levels (including San Francisco) and wound up getting clear sunny skies and very chilly temps instead. My mom and I went to the farmers market and could only handle the cold for a very short time before we wussed out and got back into the warm car. I helped my mom organize her home office for a bit and then headed home. Back at home my sister and I started our sewing project for the week. We made really cute reversible totes from the help of this tutorial.

Again, very cute but VERY time consuming!!
Sunday morning we had plans to meet with my grandpa at my mom's house to explain how quickly his health is declining and advise him that his doctor's has diagnosed him with dementia. It was a hard discussion, but overall it went okay. My grandpa is VERY independent and is having a tough time giving up his independence due to his declining health (which is understandable). Sunday afternoon I relaxed at home and did some chores while Mr. Pickle was working (he had to work ALL weekend).


Kelly Marie said...

I've decided nothing. nothing tastes as good as happy hour!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I cant believe they wouldnt let you do happy hour when it was ALMOST 4! I love the front braid in the pictures from the birthday dinner night! I want to do that to my hair!