Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love Me Some Frosting

I love birthday parties or any party for that matter. Why do I love parties so much?? Well, obviously there is the celebration, the catching up with friends, the ability to let loose and have some fun, but most of all....there's cake. I love cake!! You don't think I gained weight eating fruits and veggies do you? My favorite part of the cake has got to be the overly sweet frosting. I know some people who hate the frosting and just like the actual cake, I think those people are WEIRD.

Anywho, I get to celebrate one of my dear friend's daughter's first birthday on Saturday. I am super excited, but then it dawned on me, what do I get a one year old for her birthday? Any ideas?? This is a new area for me (buying presents for babies for their birthdays). Do I buy the birthday girl something or her parent's something? I'm confused. Please enlighten me!!!! Pic from Google Images

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Jax said...

I dont have the babies, BUT my friends all have one year olds.. ALL of them. We're just now at the two year old stage...or getting there. Here are my recs:

1. My pal, Violet. They have it for boys (Scout) and for girls (Violet). Here's the link on amazon: You can get it at Target though..or anywhere I think. My friends kids are OBSESSED. You program it with their name, fav foods, etc, and it actually says things like "I love you, ___ (child's name)." and sings things about their favorite foods, etc. It's a GREAT gift and my friends all swear by it.

2. Twilight Turtle. Not sure where to find this one in stores, but my friends kids all love it too. It puts the constellations on the ceiling, etc as they're falling asleep.

3. Books. I feel like books are always good b/c they're decently compact (b/c kiddos usually have TONS of toys) and are thoughtful and educational!

That was a rant, but that's just what I've gone with and/or learned from my friends with babies. :)