Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Weekend Review

This past weekend was a little up and down. I wasn't feeling great on Friday so I stayed in bed all day, especially since I had a girls day planned on Saturday.

Saturday morning after picking up a couch from a friend's house (thanks for the couch D!) and cleaning the house, some ladies and I went to get our piggies pretty. We brought some champagne and snacks and made a relaxing afternoon out of it.

Afterwards we headed to my house for a homemade dinner and good conversation. It is so much fun when we all get together. It amazes me how much we have all grown. Our conversation turned from boys and sorority parties to husbands, babies and other grown up stuff. We had a blast!

Sunday morning I rested for a bit before I headed over to my friend's house to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress. Her mother-in-law to be is a great seamstress and offered to do our alterations for free to save us money. We all love the dresses. Next activity on the list is the Bachelorette Party in a few weekends. Can't wait.

Sunday afternoon was spent relaxing as a fam :)


Kassie said...

Isn't it crazy when you think of the conversations changing? Like high school friends are talking about babies, it's a weird feeling. :)

Jax said...

So fun!! Gorgeous toes and so many fun shoes! Just saying! And I too love how much convos have changed from date parties, etc, to babies and weddings. The best thing that has changed though: from college cheap beer to more frown up wine.. haha!

Jax said...

*grown up. Not frown up. That doesnt make sense. hah!

OceanDreams said...

all of your feet are so pretty! glad you had a nice time and hope you are feeling better now! i'm having a giveaway tomorrow if you have time to stop by, xo!