Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

One of my addictions is shopping. I was raised with a mom who would take me to the mall and we would "shop 'til we drop". My sister and I used to always tell my mom that shopping was all she did (instead of working) so when it was 'Take Your Daughter To Work Day' she would take us shopping in San Francisco. Side note - she actually did work her butt off and was very successful at what she did.

When I was skinnier (i.e. looked better in clothes) and wasn't as frugal (i.e. had a bookkeeper paying my bills so I never saw the balance in my bank account) I would do a lot more damage on my plastic than I do now. It was def a pick me up if I was having a hard day or wanted to feel better about myself.

I would say my favorite store to visit was Nordstrom. I have had a Nordstrom card since I was 18 years old and have gotten more than enough use out of it. As I was doing some filing the other day and realized that on average I was spending about $1,000 a month at Nordstrom alone!!!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is not the case any more. Those were the days I didn't know where I stood financially (because my bookkeeper took care of everything) and I wasn't clued in yet on the value of my hard earned money. Now I am shocked at some of the prices when I visit Nordstrom and am more often than not spending my money at Nordstrom Rack (or Marshalls, Ross, Target, etc.). Don't get me wrong, Nordstrom is the first place I will go if I have money to spend (usually in gift cards), but I don't frequent there nearly as much.

It has been a hard transition, however a much needed change. Ever since I got married (which lead to no longer having a bookkeeper and being responsible for my own finances) I started learning where my money was being spent and how it goes out a lot easier than it comes in. I have spent a lot less money shopping for frivolous items and am more conscious on the cost of things.

I still get urges to "shop 'til I drop" and have a list of items I want rather than need, but I try to keep myself out of the stores, especially if I don't have a specific item I am looking for. I do most of my damage if I am just browsing the mall looking for something cute to wear. I can't even attempt online shopping or I will get in major trouble!!!

Where do you do most of your shopping?


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Ugh, I dont even know these days! NO where fun! I feel like i spend the most money on groceries and target stuff! haha.
My mom used to take me shopping and I just got what I wanted (for the most part). Those days are gone for me too- basically the day I graduated college, my parents said I was on my own, but it REALLY was finalized when I got married! I also spent my own earned money a lot more freely and as I wanted pre-married. Being married makes spending less fun :) haha

Jax said... I'm one of those people who just buys something here and something there. I signed up for (a free financial organizing site). Anyway, one month last fall, I realized I'd spent $800 three months in a row on clothes/shoes/etc. I was like "WHOA. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!" *head hung in shame* I now know that I have to go in to stores knowing what I will and won't buy. b/c otherwise, I think "I so need that scarf! It's only 20 bucks!"