Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Weekend Review

Hello blog land!!! Nice to be back. I was sick with a stomach virus last week and was absent from blog land for the whole week!! I am so glad I am feeling better.

Several of you asked how my old man neighbor's corn beef and cabbage party was and I plan on getting to that in a few minutes, but just wanted to say sorry for not responding.

I had Friday off of work and although I got a lot done on the computer and around the house, I didn't really get out too much. It was kind of nice to lay around all morning since it was POURING all day. In the afternoon I noticed my laptop was acting up, so I headed to the Apple store and was able to get my computer seen and fixed in an hour. I was pretty happy about that since the store was pretty busy. Afterwards I hung out at Barnes & Nobles since I had a class in the area a few hours later. I collected some books on sewing and browsed through them before I had to leave for my class. I am such a nerd that I enjoy spending time at the bookstore and/or library. All those books with so much knowledge!

Friday night my 'class' I was waiting to attend was actually a work out class, but not your typical work out class, it was a pole dancing class. I got a deal for my friend and I on Groupon and we decided to try it out. Holy heck was it hard. We were sore for a few days. I have a whole new found respect for pole dancers (professional or not). If you can work the pole, you are more in shape than I, because it was a work out! I came home and was watching my chick shows since Mr. Pickle was out of town for the night and it started hailing/snowing. I couldn't believe it. It stuck for a few hours too, which never happens in our area. All the neighbors were looking out their windows and taking pictures.

Saturday morning I ran some errands with my mom. Mr. Pickle wasn't feeling well and wasn't feeling up to attending our neighbor's party, but I felt like I had to go so I went and represented for the Pickle family. It was fun getting to know him and some other neighbors. Older people are so darn cute and so friendly. I enjoyed listening to their stories too. I stayed for about 2 hours before heading home, I was so happy I went. Afterwards, Mr. Pickle and I went out to a wonderful dinner at a new (to us) restaurant. Since it was rainy and we were sleepy, we headed home and went to bed early.

Sunday morning we headed out to meet Mr. Pickle's parents and go to Mr. Pickle's great great aunt's house for a visit. His great great aunt is 102 years old and lives on her own. She is so sharp for her age and was very fun to meet. She had all kinds of stories to tell!! On the way home, I fell asleep in the car and went to bed for another 2 hours when we got home. That probably should have been my first sign that I wasn't feeling too hot. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

I guess hanging out with the older folks is turning me into an old lady :) haha


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Im glad to read you are feeling better!!

Jax said...

Glad you're feeling better, girl. I think everyone was feeling crappy last week.. I know I was. I almost stayed home from work a couple days, too...which I never do. And LOVING the pole dancing class! I wish we had one here b/c I'd so try it out! HEard it's an excellent workout!

Jax said...

(My girl friend was like.. "We should just go to ____ (local strip club) and get someone to teach us.." hahhaha)