Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Review

I know I had a three day weekend, but it went by just as fast as a regular weekend!!

Friday morning I slept in a tad (thanks to my dog demanding attention at 7:00). After loving on my pup for a bit and seeing Mr. Pickle off for work, I got my lazy bum out of bed for a morning run and workout sesh with Jillian. Once I was showered I was off to the mall to spend some gift certificates. I have had the worst luck at the mall lately. I get all these catalogs showing cute clothes and when I get there, they are either out of my size or I can't find anything I was looking for!! I did get a few tops and a clutch on sale at Express.
While at the mall Mr. Pickle called and said the cable guy was headed to our house (an hour earlier than he was supposed to). Now that our roommate has moved out, Mr. Pickle is jazzed about making the extra room him man cave. The dogs and I spent the afternoon locked up one of the rooms the cable guy wasn't in and I watched my first show on Hulu (I could get addicted to that site). After the cable guy left, I spent the rest of the afternoon putting out our Halloween decorations!! L-O-V-E Halloween.

Friday night was date night. I met Mr. Pickle at Best Buy to look at new TVs for his man cave and then we went to dinner. We had plans to watch Get Him to the Greek on Friday night, but Mr. Pickle ordered the wrong show time from Pay Per View. We ended up recording it to watch on Saturday night instead, which was probably a good idea being that I feel asleep before 10!

I went to my Grandpa's house for a bit. We went out to breakfast and ran some errands before coming back to his house and doing some chores. I love that my grandpa lives close enough that I can see him often and help him out around the house. I always tell him that at his age (88) he deserves to be taken care of.

Saturday afternoon I came back to my house to the Starvin' Marvin BBQ Team doing a practice cook of ribs. They tried out a bunch of different rubs and sauces to see what their plan of attack is for the next competition. I was def a happy camper that I could be a part of the tasting!!

mmmm. ribs.
Since we were watching college football until 8:30ish and Mr. Pickle wasn't feeling too well, we decided to watch the Pay Per View movie on Sunday. Therefore, Mr. Pickle headed to bed early while I relaxed watching TV and playing on the computer.

Sunday morning the cable guy came BACK to the house for a few hours to fix a few issues we were having. We watched the Niners game (holy frustrating game) and headed to Dixon to visit our first real pumpkin patch with some friends. You choose from TONS of pumpkins and get to cut it off the vine. We found a pretty good sized pumpkin and two little ones (for our desks) and the other couples with us found some huge ones. With three couple, we had 22 pumpkins and the total was only $40. We had a blast and were going to go to another pumpkin patch so our friend's little kids could go to the petting zoo, but Mr. Pickle wasn't feeling too hot so we went home early.

Yes I will start my day off with a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Look at all the pumpkins!

Our first real pumpkin patch

Sitting on the hay

We found ourselves some keepers

Miss Sassy Pants (she loves posing for pics)

Sisters with their pumpkins
Sunday evening we finally watched Get Him to the Greek. It had it's funny moments, but I was expecting a lot funnier from all the reviews I had heard.

Like I said, even though it was a long weekend, it wasn't long enough!!


Aimee said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend.

I hope Mr. Pickle is not still sick

Pumpkin Patches are a lot of fun and those ribs look yummy!

Kassie said...

Love the pumpkin patch photos! Looks so fun. :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Hmm, Pumpkins!! I want some.
AND, those ribs look Delish!!!