Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekend Review

I am still recovering from the weekend, hence the Wednesday Weekend Review!!!

Last weekend was our annual Halloween Party...Disturbia in Suburbia. Of course Friday night and all day Saturday was spent preparing for the party and Sunday was spent recovering and cleaning up.

The party started off with a Giants win taking them to the World Series!!! First game is tonight, GOOOOO GIANTS!!!

Then the party really got started. I'll just get to the pictures (warning, there are a lot)!!

Snooki, Amiga & Rainbow Brite

Green Man & Rainbow Brite

Raggedy Anne & Andy

Pilot and Stewardess

Tiger Woods & Elin


Robin in da' Hood and Jesus

Walter (from The Big Lebowski) & Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite & Pippi Longstocking

Snooki & Pauly D

Happy Camper, Walter and Pauly D

Rainbow Brite, Pippi & Amiga

Pippi & Jack Sparrow

Sheriff, Robin Hood, Snooki, Amiga & Rainbow Brite

Snooki & Dr. Shots

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend. The party looked like a blast... Great costumes worn by all! Were there 2 snookis? Tiger Woods was spot on!