Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 by 30 Thursday

First and foremost....How 'bout them Giants?!?!? Mr. Pickle was at the game last night with a co-worker (lucky bums) and said the experience was awesome! And what a win for the Giants!! Hoping for another win tonight!

No new updates really. Still running almost every day. I am trying to vary up the runs with different routes and adding some intervals (where I run as fast as possible and then walk for a few seconds). I actually burn the same, if not more, calories when running in intervals. I have heard this to be true, but guess I always figured the constant running was better. Me, stubborn, NO!

I read in a magazine that it is good to have a list of inspiration for the times you are not motivated to get moving/eat healthy.

The following is the start of my list:
- Other people's success stories - I love reading/hearing other's weight loss successes. I find it very motivating to hear how other people overcame their struggles.
- Fitness/Health related magazines - I feel like I am always reading similar articles, but yet I always feel that the constant reminder is inspiring.
- Friendly competition - I am very competitive, even if it is a friendly competition.
- Fitness/Health related blogs - I enjoy reading what others are doing as far as eating and exercise and love some of the tips and or recommendations I read about.
- Friends who are physically active and healthy eaters - They always know where I am coming from and offer advice. Plus, it is good to surround myself with them because I am more motivated to get moving and less likely to fall into temptation.
- Yoga - Something about paying attention to my inner voice for over an hour makes me feel refreshed and on track every week.

More than likely I will add to this list as I think of other things.

What things inspire you?

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