Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Review

I had a wonderful weekend with friends and family!!! The weather in Nor Cal was HOT, HOT, HOT and I loved every minute of it. So glad it is finally summer.

Friday after work I met my mom and her husband at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants to celebrate my birthday (I told you my fam drags out the bday celebrations which is fine by me). Since Mr. Pickle was in Vegas Thursday thru Saturday and found it necessary to call me (totally sober) 3 times Thursday night, I didn't get a great night's sleep. Therefore, Friday night I went home after dinner and CRASHED.

My fortune

Saturday morning I woke up and went to my grandpa's for a bit. He took me out for lunch for my birthday and told me he would buy me the Mac computer I hinted at wanting!!! Isn't he the best?!?! After spending time with grandpa I went home and got ready for my friend's bachelorette party. We had plans to go to a nail salon for manis/pedis, dinner at her favorite Thai restaurant and drinking/dancing at a country bar (I had been wanting to go to this bar FOREVER). We had sooooo much fun. I uploaded pics this morning and was literally sitting at my desk hysterically laughing...good thing I am at work alone today.

Getting a pedi

Getting the party started

Naughty wrapping paper

And the inappropriate behavior starts

Tequila shots always start the night off right

More shots

Double Fisting

On the dance floor

Fun shaped straws

Good times

Sunday morning, Mr. Pickle and I got up and did some chores around the house. Later in the day we were sitting at lunch and received a phone call that his grandma was being taken off life support :( His grandma hasn't been doing well for a while, but it is still hard to hear. We headed straight to the hospital to say our final goodbye. It was very difficult to see his grandma in that condition. It reminded me of the way my grandma looked before she passed away. We spent some time with his family and headed over to our friend's house so Mr. Pickle could meet their new baby. We grabbed dinner on the way home and headed to bed early. It was an emotional day, but we got through it. I am glad we were able to make it to the hospital to see her one last time.


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Looks like a fun weekend girly! I like the new blog look! I've been wanting to try a country bar. I thought you were at Trader Sam's in SF for a second.

Mrs. Awesome said...

Love the new layout! Sorry to hear about Mr. Pickle's Grandma, but glad you were able to celebrate a new baby. :) xo

Katie said...

glad you had a great time and GREAT weather!