Thursday, June 24, 2010

30 by 30 Thursday

Time for my first check in on my 30 by 30 goal.

I haven't weighed myself this week so I don't know where my actual weight stands. However, I did work out six of the past seven days for at least a half hour. I would like to see the intensity and time increase, but I also want to ease into it so I don't end up with an injury.

Eating healthy has gotten better, but there is definitely room for improvement. Besides being a total sweets addict, I find that I don't feel full until like an hour after I eat so I end up stuffing myself. I know this has a lot to do with how I put on the weight in the first place.

I didn't do too well at planning my dinners (maybe two for the whole week), but I now know why that is so difficult for me...I have standing commitments every day after work except one (which usually ends up being the day I run errands, go out with friends, etc.). If I am eating dinner at home, I usually don't even get home until 7:30 - 8:00 and the LAST thing I want to do is think about what to make for dinner and have to clean up after that. I like being ready for bed by 9:00 so I can fall asleep by 10:00 not leaving much time once I get home for everything I have to do. Anyone have any good tips for these situations?

This week I am going to continue to work on planning my meals. I did find that when I had fruit already cut up in the fridge I would go for that rather than chips. I am soooo loving all the fresh fruit that is available this time of year. I will also continue to work on getting in at least 5 days of exercise. I am also going to try to drink more water.

Love to hear any one's input or tips if you all have any.

Til next week!


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Eat prepackaged food, aka smart ones or lean cuisines if you can't plan your meals out you are really guaranteed to do okay if you limit your alcohol and daily intake with healthy food and eat the prepackaged food. Plus exercising! Good job girl!

Mrs. Awesome said...

I was going to say exactly what Jenn said! I always have lean pockets and smart ones available. OR...when you do cook, make extra. Like, cook 4 chicken breasts instead of 2 and make extra brown rice. There are also frozen veggies that cook up in about 2 minutes in the microwave.

I struggle with this too! Keeping myself on track for dinners and planning ahead has definitely helped. It's a new week, so start fresh and good job!

Katie said...

planning meals is hard for me because I'm so picky and change my mind of what I want all of the time! haha

Kristen said...

Jamie, a few things that came to mind reading your post. I haven't blogged in awhile, but once in awhile I'll check in on blogs I follow.

I'll say some things that can keep you full and full for longer are and also help prepare homemade meals easier:

- Eating nuts, such as walnuts, cashews or peanuts. They have a healthier kind of fat in them that other items don't. And, they keep you full longer than other items.

- My mom amazingly does such a good job of eating even better than I do. She designed this really yummy dish where she steams zucchini, boils some pasta, adds some carrots and then keeps it in the fridge. Then whenever she wants it, she grabs some of that Ken's Zesty Italian dressing and eats it. I ate it one day and I got SO full! I need to make it myself!

- I think pasta is always a great and easy way of having a quick meal. Maybe boil enough pasta that can last a week and have some pasta sauce at hand to eat for dinner when you can't be home for dinner.

I hope these ideas help. I know I should be one to talk, but I should start eating better when I'm on the run, too.

You're doing such a good job! Keep it up :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I unfortunately suck at planning meals. It is normally 6:30pm and I am opening the fridge to see what I can come up with!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I eat a lot of salads- there is barely not clean up- just the knife and cutting board..and the dish I made it in and ate out of.
Then I add a can of tuna, avacado, or some kind of protein to the top.
I also steam LOTS of veggies on the weekends and keep lots of containers of veggies in my fridge all week. :)
Keep up the good work!

OceanDreams said...

Good job for keeping up the exercising, that is a great start! :) My snacks are usually fruit or some nuts and I always try and ignore the 100 cal snacks that ad up and chips. I opt instead for the healthy stuff the best I can. You can do it! :)