Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Review

What a great weekend!!! I wish EVERY weekend was a three day weekend, I just love having that extra day.

After getting off work early on Friday, I met up with my sis and enjoyed some wine and chocolate at this cute little store named Coco Luxe on Haight in San Francisco. The chocolates were so cute with little pictures referencing the flavors.

You can't really see it but this one has a slice of cake on it as it was German Chocolate Cake flavored.

After getting a little tipsy, we headed to my sister's apartment to get dressed up for SATC2. We met up with the ladies an hour before the movie started to get a spot in line. I couldn't believe there was already a line started for the 9:15 showing (we went to the 7:45).

Waiting in line

We may have smuggled in a bottle of champagne to enjoy while watching the movie (good thing big purses are in style). We all liked the movie. Half of us were Team Aiden and the other half was Team Big! Afterwards we went to Mel's Diner for a pre-bar snack and then headed to the bars. What a fun girls night!!

While we were in the movie, Mr. Pickle texted me telling me his sister had her baby. I am a new auntie of Ellie Victoria. She is adorable and both mommy and baby are recovering just fine. I am sure daddy is probably recovering too!!

Saturday morning I headed to my grandpa's for the morning/afternoon. We ran a couple of errands. The weather in the Bay Area was beautiful (FINALLY)!!

Mr. Pickle and I had friends staying with us on Saturday night, so after I left my grandpa's, I met up with them. We had a bbq, drank some wine, played some games and enjoyed each other's company.

I had to wake up early on Sunday morning to meet my sister to go to a wedding in Gilroy. It was my best friend's sister's wedding and my sister was hired to be the photographer. Naturally I tagged along to assist and spend some time with my bff and her family. It was another beautiful day and the wedding was fabulous!! We didn't get home until about midnight, so it was a looooong day.

Monday, Mr. Pickle and I woke up late (I hate that 8:30 am is now considered sleeping in) and went to a breakfast and ran a few errands. We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and then went to meet up with my cousin who was visiting from Michigan. We went to dinner and spent a few hours catching up before dropping her off and heading home to go to bed.

What a wonderful weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

You were non-stop all weekend!! Now I feel kinda bad about sitting home being lazy all that time. ☺

So did you think SATC2 was super good, or just OK?

Katelin said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend and i love that you brought champagne to the movies, amazing.

Tara Gibson said...

love the satc2 pics!! so cute!

Annie said...

what a FUN weekend!! all you ladies are gorgeous!! :)
i totally love that you brought in your own drinks!!
that is something my bestie and i have done before, ha ;)

p.s. i still haven't found the perfect gift(s) for you yet....i'm so not creative and trying to be. i will get you something asap though!! hugs girly!!!

Katie said...

the weather this weekend was amazing!