Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Ramblings

- Is there some secret trick to popping all the kernels in a bag of popcorn with out burning the already popped popcorn? I don't know why, but it drives me crazy seeing all the unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag.

- My posture is HORRIBLE and no matter how hard I try I always tend to go back to slouching. My poor posture is really taking a toll on my neck/back. Anyone have any good tips??

- Just to tell you how wonderful my mother can be, she gave up her hour and a half massage so I could take it since my back has been so out of whack. Luckily her massage therapist was able to fit her in after me so I didn't feel so bad. Thanks mom (and massage therapist).

- Have you ever had an acupressure massage? Although I wouldn't turn down a regular massage, the acupressure seems to work wonders on my muscles. Sometimes it does hurt, but mostly a good hurt.

- I wish Cesar Millan would come fix my dog's issues. He has severe separation anxiety and aggression (due to an adverse reaction of some separation anxiety medication a stupid vet put him on). I hate that he isn't the sweet, sensitive, loving dog to everyone that he is to us. I am calling a trainer today, but don't think I didn't look into to see if Cesar could come to the rescue first (he is only auditioning in So Cal right now).

- Why cannot I not stare at a computer screen (especially at work) for more than 20 minutes without getting dry eyes. I feel like such a nerd having to use a humidifier every day, not to mention the humidity messes up my hair and make-up!


Aimee said...

Posture tricks: Target has an inexpensive back wrap that fits under clothes. it forces you to stand up straighter. The other tricks are to squeeze your butt cheeks. Oh and do you sit a lot at work? If so you will naturally slouch. If you can a fitness ball helps with that.

Aww thats sweet of your mom. Hopefully your back feels better :) Im also getting a 90 minute massage.


Tara said...

sometimes i wish cesar would come visit us. sammy has bad separation anxiety too! but his worst issue is jumping on people. its not cute or fun to have a 50 lb dog jumping on you.

Kelly said...

I love popcorn... but I hate microwave popcorn for some reason. I went to Wal-Mart or Target and found a Air Popper circa 1983 and use that instead. Tastes so much better and less kernels and takes the same amount of time.

For posture. Try wearing a belt a little tighter around your waist... it makes it uncomfortable if you slouch, so you are forced to sit up straighter and STRETCH during the day!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What a sweet momma you have! And I have never had an acupressure message, but it sounds amazing...more pain, more gain on those tight back muscles!

PS Let me know if you find out the secret to perfectly popped pop corn! :)

Anonymous said...