Thursday, August 12, 2010

30 by 30 Thursday

This week has been a little rough. With feeling under the weather and not sleeping well, on top of a trip to the ER with my grandpa at 2:00 - 4:00 am last night (he is fine) it has taken everything in me to get in some sort of activity for 30 minutes a day. I have somehow managed, plus I got quite an upper body workout canoeing on Saturday, however I haven't done the 30 Day Shred once this week!!

Part of me is proud that I didn't blow off exercising all together, but the other part of me is disappointed because the activity I have gotten in hasn't been excellent. Plus, my eating has been less than stellar...especially with camping over the weekend.

I know I should just accept that these type of weeks are going to happen and not let it get to me, but I can be so hard on myself. I am very competitive, even if it is with myself and it has gotten to the point that I feel guilty if I miss a workout!! From one extreme to another.

When I was younger and obsessed with my weight, I would let working out rule my life. I would go to the gym in the morning for like two hours and would go back if I felt like I ate poorly or if I was bored. Very obsessive. I am glad I am not to that extreme, but I have to be aware and listen to when my body tells me to take it easy.

Here's to a better upcoming week!!!!

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Kristen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa :( I am so glad everything is okay, though. You're right, it has been a rough week. But, I must say, you've done great and to not worry one bit. Sometimes your body is telling you something if you need to take it easy for a few days. Next week, you'll feel more revived and revving to go. I found my new workout video today and did the 18 minute mile. Whew, it was hard! Tell you more tomorrow :)