Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Night Moon

So a few of you noticed on my previous post that I mentioned Mr. Pickle and I sleep in separate beds. It is true, more often than not we do not sleep together.

Mr. Pickle and I have been together for almost ten years *gasp* (I refuse to believe I am that old!!). It wasn't until recently we found that we were not sleeping as well as we used to and it was seriously affecting us. It used to be that we would start off sleeping together but majority of the times him or I would get up in the middle of the night to sleep in the guest bedroom.

Although I wouldn't call myself a light sleeper, if I do get woken up, it usually takes me a while to fall back asleep. Plus, I have an extremely hard time falling asleep in silence, therefore I have this bad habit of falling asleep with the TV on (thanks mom). Mr. Pickle on the other hand is a very light sleeper and has a hard time falling asleep if it is not silent. In the past this hasn't been a problem because I was usually the one to fall asleep first at which point he would turn off the TV to fall asleep.

Recently however, it wasn't only about the TV, he would have a hard time falling asleep and then toss and turn all night and get out of bed a few times a night. Numerous times he would end up waking me up and it would take forever for me to fall asleep again. It just sort of ended up that we would rather get a good nights sleep then not, so it slowly started becoming common that I would sleep in the guest room (in my bed from before I moved in with Mr. Pickle) and he would sleep in our room.

I know it does sound a little crazy, but I swear, for us it totally works. We wake up easier and in better moods and we are able to enjoy each other better because we are not cranky from lack of sleep. We spend time together in the morning by carpooling and after work by having dinner together and watching TV, playing games, running errands and/or hanging out after dinner. I usually do not go to my room to go to bed until I am about to fall asleep.

I have read/heard of this becoming more and more common and have seen study results proving that sleeping apart makes for a better relationship since lack of sleep effects you physically, emotionally and mentally.

It isn't going to work for everyone, but for now it is working for us!!!

So there you have it, I sleep in my Queen and Mr. Pickle sleeps in the King. Puka (our dog) switches on and off with who he sleeps with since he will only sleep in the bed and Satchmo (our other dog) sleeps in our room with Mr. Pickle on his bed on the floor.

PS. Typically we sleep together on the weekends.
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OceanDreams said...

You know I think that is great if it works for you, I sure get tired of BK being feisty with me in bed and we aren't even together every day, ha ha!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

It does make sense. I assuemed it had something to do with not being able to get a good nights sleep. There has been times when I want to watch TV in bed and my husband needs silence and COMPLETE dark to sleep! Our bed is VERY soft and our guest bed is VERY hard...and I guess hard beds are good for bad backs, so if Andrew's back is bothering him, he will go down to the guest bed once in a while so he is not in so much pain!

Kelly said...

Ok this makes me feel more normal. My bf and I sleep apart most of the time too!