Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Friday - Sisterly Love

Since I am fairly new to the whole blogging world and am just starting to get acquainted with some of you, I thought I would introduce you all to some of the very important people in my life (aka. my family) over the next couple of weeks with 'Family Friday'.

If you haven't realized yet, I LOVE me some pictures, therefore I have oodles. I will try to keep the amount of pictures I include to a minimum (lucky for you gals I don't have too many old pictures scanned it).

Without further ado, meet my favorite sister Marcie. PS. I can say that because she is my only sister, but she is my fav and my best friend.
She was a blondie

Can I just tell you that when we were growing up, we had a strong dislike for each other and would spend many a days beating each other up (I was usually just defending myself, since she did most of the beating up). My mom would always say, "one day you two will be the best of friends just like me and my sister" we would swear up and down there was no way that was EVER going to happen. Maybe, just maybe, this was the one time mom knew what she was talking about (J/K Mom, you are right most of the time).

On our swing set

My sister and I didn't start becoming very close until we were ripe teenagers (think rebelling against our parents together). Once I started high school (she was a junior when I was a freshman), we quickly started hanging out with the same people and she took me under her wing (think, allowed me to tag along and get into mischief with her). We had fun together and have great memories because of it.

Easter photo (I think?)

My sister is the best friend a gal could have. She is easygoing, fun, full of energy, loyal and beautiful. Not to mention a fantastic photographer. She has her own business and she getting very well known. Anyone need a photographer??? :) She has always followed her dreams and conquered a lot of things, which I will forever be proud (and envious) of her for.

Awe remember Smurfs and bowl haircuts?!
Gotta love growing up in the 80's!

Yes, she put band aids ALL over me

We have had a lot of fun, despite our past history. We have had several adventures together and experienced so much together. She really is the older sister I look up to...wait, look down to since she is now shorter than me!

Mini golf in Tahoe
Summer School in Hawaii

Limo trip to Napa for her 29th Bday

Cinco de Mayo - This pic totally makes me laugh

Big & Rich concert

Giant's game

Thanks for being the best sister and friend anyone could ever ask for.


Marcie Franich said...

Hey, that's me! :) Thanks! You're not too bad yourself. *wink* Sorry I tried to kill you when we were little, I'm glad I failed. haha

Omg, did you see? My beer belly started early!! Check out that gut on the swingset!!

I love the cinco de mayo picture also.

Cute post! (and not just cuz I was in it :)

Kristen said...

That band aid picture is classic!!