Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Review

I was one busy bee this weekend and I got to spend time with a lot of friends (while Mr. Pickle was out of town with Starvin Marvins BBQ Team for their second competition of the season).

I had Friday off from work, so my sister and I headed up to Sonoma to look at potential wedding venues. We found a few gorgeous places, which isn't too hard since Sonoma is beautiful. We stopped by one place that turned out to be a flop as far as a wedding venue, but provided for a great photo op with their huge blue chair.

Me & my sis (and the big blue chair)

After visiting several places and stopping for lunch and a sip or two of wine, we headed home feeling accomplished.

I was in a friend's wedding on Saturday so we did the whole rehearsal dinner thing on Friday night. It was so good to spend time with her family (who live in Hawaii so I don't see too often) and meet the grooms side of the wedding party.

Me & the bride at the rehearsal dinner

Saturday morning, I woke up and got a walk/run in with the pups before heading out for the wedding shenanigans. I met the bride and the other bridesmaid at her hotel and we got a chance to hang out for a bit before the hair and make-up crew came to get to work. After they transformed us, we were headed to her venue. It was a lovely day and the bride looked gorgeous. I am so happy I got to be a part of their special day. We danced the night away and enjoyed some fabulous food and cake before the night was over.

Me & the bride -courtesy of Marcie Lynn Photography

Sunday I relaxed a bit and did some cleaning around the house before heading to Sacramento for a friend's (and her hubby's) graduation party. They both just graduated from the MBA program at Sac State and I am so proud of them. Especially her, since she wasn't the show up to class type of gal during undergrad and she said that her hubby forced her to go to all but two classes the entire two year program!!! Hahaha.

My girlfriends/sorority sisters

A friend of mine, her boyfriend and I all came from out of town and decided we HAD to stop by our favorite sushi place before we headed home. It was delish as always. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I could eat sushi EVERY DAY if I had the funds to do so.

Got home and Mr. Pickle was back from his competition so we hung out and hit the hay early since we were both beat.

PS. Starvin Marvins BBQ Team placed 5th in ribs and 17th overall out of 47 teams. So proud of them!!!

Posing with the trophy - Pic stolen from their FB Page


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Love the win for the boys and the wedding! I can't wait to take pics with your sister!

Diana said...

I love the pic of you and Brooke at the wedding!! So adorable!