Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Review

After our fun Cinco de Mayo celebration on Thursday night, I was pooped on Friday. I had hopes of coming home straight after work, ordering takeout, renting a chick flick (Mr. Pickle was away) and vegging out on the couch before heading to bed (before 10). That isn't really how my Friday night went down, but I did watch Love & Other Drugs amongst all my errand running, cooking and cleaning I was doing. I finally made myself get into bed at midnight because I was so tired. (I realize you are probably jealous of my rockin' Friday night!!!)

Saturday morning I took the dog for a nice long walk and got ready to go to Morgan Hill with my sister to meet up with Starvin Marvins BBQ Team at their first BBQ Competition of the year.

We got there a little after their last turn in, which meant all the leftovers were for us to eat, and boy was it yummy.

In between turn in and judging we were able to mingle with friends that came to support the boys, walk around trying other people's BBQ and look at the exhibits that were open for the event. There were 67 teams competing and an estimated 18,000 people in attendance.

One team was handing out piggy cupcakes which was right up my alley. So cute and very tasty!

The boys had a great time and learned a few tricks for their upcoming competitions.

Sunday was spent spoiling my mom. We made lunch for my mom from a family recipe book she gave my sis and I a few years ago. Then we took her to a local nursery so she could buy plants for her garden using the gift certificates we gave her as a Mother's Day gift. She was so happy with what she got.

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