Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Review

Another busy weekend for the books.

Friday after work I went home and had dinner with Mr. Pickle before going to San Francisco for a birthday party. We had an awesome VIP spot at Circa and celebrated the night away (although I had to leave super early to get to BART-public transit- to get home). Got home around 1 am and passed out!!

Saturday morning, my doggie and I woke up to get a nice long walk in. Mr. Pickle and I met up with some friends (including a very special surprise visit from a friend visiting from Virginia) for Oyster Fest back in San Francisco. The waiting to get in (with pre-paid tickets) was ridiculous, but once in, the lines for food and drinks weren't so bad. We found a spot on the hill and just hung out with friends and listened to the bands while enjoying the food and booze. We didn't get any oysters because by the time we were ready for them it was kinda late in the day and we didn't want to risk them not being fresh. Mr. Pickle and I headed home shortly after we left and grabbed dinner before we got home.

Sunday morning Mr. Pickle and I had some work to do at our old house. After grabbing a late lunch (because we were starving and worked later than we suspected) we headed over to my grandpa's to take him out to lunch. Being too full to eat, we simply enjoyed his company and he enjoyed the best looking breakfast pizza. We took my grandpa for a little drive, to get him out of the house and then we dropped him off and came home to run errands and do some chores around the house.

The next couple weekends are just as busy!!


Vijay said...

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Jax said...

Sounds busy, but also sounds like fun stuff! And love that you were able to visit your grandpa and take him out. Really sweet of you guys. I bet that totally made his day. :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

My brother and sis in law were just in SF and rocked the Bart -- Do most people take that after going out?