Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Review

This past weekend was spent at Clear Lake for my friend's bachelorette party!! She requested a small, low-key weekend without any adult entertainment, but she didn't say anything about fun shaped straws :)

Friday after work we made the two and a half hour drive to Clear Lake. I assumed we would just hang out in the room Friday night, but we ended up going to one of the Indian Casinos in the area. I don't gamble, so me and the bride to be hung out at the bar most of the night while the other two pressed their luck at the tables and slot machines. One of the ladies won some money and the other one lost some money. (Hence why I don't gamble...I'd rather just go shopping.)

Saturday morning we lounged around for a bit and then went to get manis & pedis. The nail shop we were in was great. We had the whole place to ourselves and we were able to hang out and watch videos recapping Michael Jackson's life & one of Janet Jackson's concerts in Hawaii. They literally had a ton of VHS tapes to choose from, so funny.

We got back to the room and made dinner and got ready to go back to the casinos to gamble and get our groove on at the bar/club.

Although the bride to be said she wasn't going to get all decked out in bachelorette gear, we left her with little choice. She was a good sport and enjoyed the extra attention and free drinks.

Sunday morning we got up a little later than planned and had a little trouble getting moving!! I definitely can't hang like I used to...going out two nights in a row wore me out. We got home later in the afternoon and all I wanted to do was go straight to bed. Unfortunately laundry needed to be done and I was starving and we didn't feel like cooking/cleaning so Mr. Pickle and I went out to dinner.

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