Friday, April 8, 2011

Confessional Friday

I am joining Aly and confessing a few things to the interwebs today. I confess .... that my dinner last night consisted of some funfetti cake and Cheez-Its. I confess ... that while I was putting out the garbage cans last night, I cut a lizards tail off and I felt kinda bad. I confess ... that sometimes I don't mind a night or two without the hubs because I get to rule the remote and enjoy some peace and quiet. I confess ... that I only wash my hair 4 times a week, regardless if I work out or not. I confess ... that I wouldn't dream about going out on the town with my hair in a pony tail and without any make-up on, but that's how I roll to work every day. (Good thing I only work with 2 other people that could care less.) I confess ... that I am officially a sugaraholic and need to detox after the weekend getaway with the girls for a bachelorette party.


Annie said...

i enjoy some nights alone during the week as well ;) and like you i only tend to wash my hair 3-4 times a week.
if i saw a lizard outside i'd freak out and run away from it....obviously i don't live near lizards. haha!

Ashley said...

I only wash my hair twice a week :) And, I look horrible when I go to work, but if I go to lunch that day, I will put make-up on while at work..but I dont care about anyone at work seeing me. ha.
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ahh cake and cheez-its, yumm!

Katelin said...

funfetti cake is the best! seriously one of my favorites and a totally legitimate choice for dinner, haha.