Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Review

I had another great weekend. I was busy, but also had some down time to relax. The weather was beautiful and it was an all around celebratory weekend!!

Friday after work I went shopping and found some great deals at NY and Co. After shopping, Mr. Pickle wanted to celebrate a rough couple of weeks at his job being over (the auditors were in his office for two weeks and he is in charge of his companies financials). We decided to get dressed up and go to a nice dinner at a wonderful restaurant in a near-by town. We got to sit out on the patio and enjoy the beautiful evening and people watch while enjoying a good bottle of wine and yummy food. We came home only relaxed a bit before heading to bed.

Saturday I slept in until 8:00!!! That hardly ever happens. I woke up to Mr. Pickle and the other boys getting ready to cook for the afternoon party that they were catering (our friend's graduation/birthday party). I got up and headed to my grandpa's for the afternoon. Then I headed over to the graduation/birthday party. One of my friend's graduated law school and the other just turned 30. So much to celebrate!!
Graduation Girl and Birthday Girl

The boys cooked all day and the food was delicious!! Everyone was raving about how tasty everything was.

The boys of Starvin' Marvin's BBQ

Even little Sammy couldn't get enough of the food!

Sammy and his rib bone

Yeah, I am kinda spoiled being married to an excellent cook, which may explain me gaining weight since we got married :)

The girlies of the day (minus one).

Saturday night a few of us headed to a local bar for some adult beverages, horrible music on the juke box and fun bar games. We headed home early though because the music really was that horrible.

Sunday Mr. Pickle and I were supposed to go to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day (she was in Hawaii over Mother's Day), but she rescheduled for the following day so we had the day to ourselves. We went to breakfast, ran a BUNCH of errands and enjoyed staying close to home. Of course we had Sunday chores to do that we were able to get done earlier than usual. Mr. Pickle made dinner and we watched It's Complicated, very cute movie. We headed to bed fairly early to get ready for yet another work week. At least I only have to work three days this week before heading off to the Arizona sunshine and heat!!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

8 AM on a Saturday! That is criminal! :)

OceanDreams said...

How nice that your hubby can cook! I would be in big trouble too. The doggie is so darling, hope you are enjoying your day!