Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

So the wonderful and adorable Ashley over at Kiwis and Cocktails had a giveaway and I WON!!!

What did I win you ask?!?! I won a $20 gift certificate to so now I get to go shopping...Thanks Ashley!!

Here are a few things I may spend my money on...
Mr. Pickle got a Kindle for Christmas and I may just steal it and upload a few girly books on it so I can use it when he isn't.

I only like to drink water when it is really cold. Unfortunately, water doesn't stay cold that long, which means I don't like to drink it. The answer to my problems....this Insulated CamelBak water bottle. I already have one of these and I LOVE it. It would be nice to add another to my collection so I had a back-up.

I signed up to take a yoga class at the local community center (starts tonight) and I had to go buy a new yoga mat since I threw my old one away. The one I bought is cute, hello pink with white polka dots, but didn't come with any kind of strap to keep it from unrolling when I carry it. I may just have to get a cute little pink bag to carry it in.

I have heard wonderful things about the 30 day shred. I am interested but don't know how good I would be at doing a workout video at home, especially right next to the couch.

I am sick of my purses/clutches and when I saw this I thought it was A-dorable. I wonder if it would hold all my junk (camera, iPhone, credit cards/money/id, lip gloss, keys and gum)??

Or I could the $20 towards a Wii Fit. Mr. Pickle got me a Wii for Christmas a few years ago and we really don't play it that much. Again, I don't know if I would be disciplined enough to workout instead of sitting on the couch watching my shows on DVR, but who knows, I may really like it. Anyone have a Wii Fit? Like? Dislike?

Anything I am missing?

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Katie said...

too many options!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I would not work out at home! I need the gym. ha
I SOMETIMES get on my treadmill at home, but the tv down in the basement does not have cable,so I have to have a good DVD to watch in order for me to get down there.
I read the Twenties Girl book! I love Sophie and this book was quite different than her others. I just gave it away 2 weeks ago! I often give my books away or trade with my friends because I will only read the same book once. I wish I knew you wanted to read it!
And camelbak bottles- I LOVE MINE!
Oh, good luck spending!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Oooh ya I just won a giveaway yesterday too it's so exciting it's like a birthday present all in one.. I love Sophie's books.

Jenny DB said...

I've never tried wii fit, but heard good things!! Congrats on the giveaway, i wish i had seen the video of ash's niece saying yoru name :)

Tara said...

congrats girl! i have been thinking about trying the 30 day shred too. i'm not sure about working out at home either.

Mrs. Awesome said...

30 Day Shred is awesome! It's a quick 20 minute workout that makes you sweat your a$$ off!!!! It's amazing, and you don't feel guilty only working out for 20 mins. :)

Twenties Girl was kinda odd at first, but got better as the book went on. Plus, it's Sophie Kinsella so it has her same awesome writing.

Good luck! :)

suki said...

Wii fit is more fun than exercise for me! :) I have a Wii, but haven't used it in awhile. Getting the Fit would prompt me to play with it more, I think. Congrats on the giveaway.