Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Review

Another busy, fun filled weekend for me!!! I actually had a three day weekend, but that didn't mean I sat around and relaxed all weekend. To be honest, I hardly had any down time, but I am not complaining because it was a great weekend.

Friday morning I woke up early to exercise and ran some errands before heading to San Francisco to spend the day with my sister. We went out to lunch and went to see The Back Up Plan with J Lo. It was good but it wasn't great. We were entertained, but won't be buying it on DVD when it comes out or feel the need to see it again. It did have it's funny moments though. Friday night we met up with some friends for a girls night. We watched Sex In The City (to get prepared for the sequel), munched on some snacks, had girl talk and worked on one of the girls wedding invitations. It was a fun, yet productive night!!

Saturday morning I work up early again to exercise (seeing a pattern?!?!) and then got ready to go to Modesto to see my friend's beautiful baby. She has actually changed a bit since I saw her just two weeks ago. She is just ADORABLE and again, didn't make a peep the entire time we were there.

After visiting mama and baby for a few hours, we met up with another friend for dinner and more girl talk. It was so great to get to hang out with the girls all day. We had a wonderful time catching up and planning future events.

Unfortunately, my car wasn't ready to head back to the East Bay when we were. Something happened to the steering column and I actually had to get it towed 80 miles to my mechanic's shop. Luckily my mechanic is my best friends' (pictured below) dad so we were able to meet the tow truck driver at the shop and have him unload it into the shop as opposed to outside the shop since the tow truck driver got all my windows down but couldn't get them back up. Yeah, thanks for NOTHING, I mean seriously we were dealing with some MO-rons!! We were totally planning on hitting up the bars, but once all was said and done it was around midnight and we were too tired :( Next weekend!!
Sunday morning Mr. Pickle and I went to brunch with his parents and one of our friends. Mr. Pickle's parents actually live in Modesto so I was able to drive his mom's car home on Saturday night. Therefore, it was a great excuse to meet up on Sunday for brunch since we had to return the car!!! After brunch we came home so the boys could relax while I went to exercise. Once I was all showered and done with some Sunday chores we took my grandpa dinner and visited with him for the evening. He was really tired from being out late at the Harlem Globetrotter game the night before. We came home and finished our Sunday chores and went to bed early.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!!

Back to the grind today :( I am wishing for another fast week and that the beautiful weather continues (rain is in the forecast and I am VERY upset about it).


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

babies that dont make a peep are the best! :)
Weekends always go by way too fast!
AND, YEY on getting up early and working out! big props! :)

Molly said...

Boo for rain! It rained here all day today. Ruins a good hair day!

That baby is seriously adorable. Her skin is beautiful!

Hope you car is all better now! Totally sucks to have a break down!

Katie said...

good job with all of the exercising! It is so hard to stay motivated!

OceanDreams said...

Sorry about your car but glad you got it resolved! Glad you had fun with your friend and her baby is darling! Hope your nice weather remains too. :)