Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Ramblings

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week. My, my where does the time go? Here are some random things I have had going on.

- Cleaning out my closet - In case anyone is interested, I am selling some Citizen, Joe's, Seven and Paige jeans sizes 29-32. I am going to Buffalo Exchange next weekend, but figured I would throw it out there should any of you gals want first dibs. Almost all are in great condition. I have pics if interested.
- Snow and Blossoms - Since we had some fabulous spring like weather a few weeks ago a lot of the trees are in bloom, however just recently we had some cold weather & rain which left snow on Mt. Diablo. It is so beautiful to see blossoms on trees and snow on the mountain in the background.
- Diamond is playing tricks on me - A few weeks ago, I lost a diamond in my wedding ring
:( I of course was devastated and spent a lot of time looking for it, but didn't find it. It is insured, but I haven't put in a claim yet because I want to see how much it will cost to replace (due to the deductible). Today I went home for lunch to let the dogs out and eat some leftovers and I casually looked out back to check on the dogs. I SWEAR I saw my diamond out in the back yard amongst the tan bark, but by the time I got out there the dogs were playing in that area and I couldn't find it. I searched a little, but couldn't find anything. Possibly it wasn't even the diamond, but I am still always looking down searching for it, even in places it absolutely wouldn't be.
- Mail Carrier or Mother? - Last week our dog snuck out of the front door while I was leaving for work and I didn't notice. When I came home for lunch, he was hanging in the front yard. I couldn't believe he got out, but was happy he stuck around. A few days later I got a nasty letter from our mail carrier about the dog being out therefore she was unable to deliver mail to the rest of our neighbors houses and to not let it happen again. Now I understand the concern of a dog being out and about with no supervision, especially for someone who probably gets the wrath of dogs when delivering mail, but the letter was so nasty and somewhat condescending as if I purposely let me dog run wild throughout the neighborhood. I mean, I wouldn't have minded a friendly FYI letter rather than a letter scolding me like she is my mother. (For the record, this is my friendly dog who wouldn't hurt a fly although is bigger so it is understandable how someone would be cautious around him.)
- Country songs in the morning - Lately I have been waking up with random country songs stuck in my head. The odd thing is, is that they are songs that I don't usually like or know the words to, yet all of a sudden I am singing them in my head. Same thing happened with the new Brittany Spears song after I heard it for like 20 seconds.
- Crab season? - Mr. Pickle and I were going to make crab for dinner on Saturday night and drove around to 3 different stores to buy it before we gave up. I thought this was crab season? How come I see a ton of crab when we aren't looking for it but the one time we want it, we can't find it anywhere? I guess we should have gone to that crab feed at the community center last weekend.
- Mini eggs are going to be the death of me. - Nuff' said.


Jessica said...

I saw the snow on Mt. Diablo yesterday! It's so pretty, I heard there may be more Thursday or Friday.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I cant believe she wrote you a nasty letter!! RUDE!
ANd, I hope you find your diamond!!!

Nicole said...

At Christmas time I lost a diamond out of my wedding ring also... The jeweler told me that diamonds have a special property that could make them even cling to the underside of tables, chairs, clothing, he said most people if they drop it down the sink immediately go to the bend but he said usually it's clinging to the pipe before it even reaches the crook in the pipes. He said they learned that in school. They'd be assigned a diamond and if someone dropped theirs they'd stay until it was found. He even said they have range like you wouldn't believe... so it's good to check in unsuspecting places! good luck!

Came over from Fabulous but Evil :)