Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So it looks like Weekend Reviews on Wednesday are becoming the norm!!

This past weekend we celebrated my friend's (and Big Sis in sorority) 30th birthday in South Lake Tahoe. We plotted against her and surprised her with a HUGE cabin (equipped with an indoor pool, spa, movie theatre room and pool table) in South Lake and 18 of her closest friends and family. She was surprised and we all had a great weekend.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn't get too many pictures of the weekend. Don't let that fact fool you, we had a blast!!

Friday night Mr. Pickle and I arrived at the cabin around 6:00. There were already about half the people at the cabin, so the party had already begun. After everyone had arrived, my friend's husband arranged for a catered dinner.

Birthday Girl

Once everyone's tummy's were full, the men decided to get a game of poker started while the girls went swimming in the pool. I decided I would put my feet in instead of getting all the way in, but as you can see below, that didn't work out as planned (the birthday girl got me in with my clothes on).

In the pool

Most of the boys decided to head to the casinos while we kept the party going in the pool. Then at 1:30 we got the bright idea to head to the casinos also!!

Us straight from the pool to the casinos

After some clubbing and gambling, we got home around 4:00 and headed to bed.

Saturday morning once everyone woke up, Mr. Pickle made breakfast. The day was a kick back day to recover from the night before and prepare for the upcoming night. Some went hiking, others went biking, a few even went to get a massage. I just hung around the house and took a two hour nap (I had a HUGE migraine).

Saturday night we went out to dinner and then headed to the casinos.

Sorority Sisters

Me and My Sis

Me and Mr. Pickle

Birthday Girl
Saturday night ended earlier for Mr. Pickle and I than some of the others. Since I am not a big gambler, we left the casinos around 12:30. Mr. Pickle said when he woke up at 4:00 the party was still going!! We obviously can't hang like we used to.
Sunday morning we woke up early and headed home. While it was only raining when we left, we ended up running into snow!!

So pretty!!!!
We got home safe and even had a few hours to lounge around next to the fire and get some chores done.
A great weekend with some great friends!


Aimee said...

Wow sounds like a great deal of fun. Way to celebrate a bday!! That cabin sounds prett amazing.

Marcie Lynn Photography said...

That's a cute picture of us!