Monday, February 15, 2010

Hawaii With My Girls **Warning Lots-O-Pics**

So I am a little behind....
Me and the girls had a blast in Hawaii at the end of January. It was so nice to get out of the rain and into the sun. Not to mention we got to wear shorts, tank tops and flip flops (i.e. my go to outfit for warm weather) for a whole week.
We (minus Diana since she left from Oakland) left rainy SFO bright and early Saturday morning.

Once we landed we headed straight to one of my favs...Jawz. They have some of the best fish tacos!! And since we got there at happy hour, we couldn't say no to the cheap beers!

After we had full tummies, we headed to Big Beach to watch the first sunset. Ahhhh.

Sunday was our first full day there was of course spent on the beach in Kihei!! Then we got ready for another beautiful sunset and a night out on the town.

Love the color of the background in this picture.

Monday was again spent on the beach, but we ventured over to Kaanapali (about a 35 min. drive from Kihei).

Tuesday we decided to spend some time out of the sun and walked around Paia. This cute little town has a lot of shops and the BEST fish tacos I have ever tasted.

At Milagros Food Company


We even got to enjoy some shave ice (with ice cream on the bottom) at Aloha Island Shaved Ice. What a treat!

Wednesday started off at Kihei Cafe. Kihei Cafe is by far the best breakfast place on Maui. Here is my most favorite breakfast option, the Pork Fried Rice with Scrambled Eggs. Everything is good here though, but do try this at least once if you ever visit, you will not be disappointed.

Followed by more beach time.

Then headed out on the town again. Looking tanner :)

Thursday we went to Little Beach to get rid of some tan lines. This was a highlight of my trip!!!!!!

Since we had a condo with a kitchen, we made most of our dinners at home instead of going out. The exception to this was our trip to Mama's Fish House. This is an extraordinary fine dining restaurant and is a MUST when on Maui. Not only do they have excellent dishes, their Mai Tai's are the wonderful.
Mai Tai

Mahimahi stuffed with lobster, crab, Maui onion and baked in a macadamia nut crust. So Delicious.
On the grounds at Mama's Fish House (Mr. Pickle and I actually got engaged on these grounds).

Friday was our last day to get sun before heading home, so we beached it in Wailea all day.
We even visited the Grand Wailea for some drinks.

Our last night we wanted to do a BBQ on the beach. We didn't really get rain the entire week we were there and even when it does rain on Maui it is for a few minutes and it passes. We weren't so lucky on Friday night as it ended up raining the entire time we were BBQing on the beach.

My sis and Amy using the sun umbrella for coverage.
It all turned out pretty good, however we are used to the boys doing their gourmet BBQs so we are a tad spoiled.
We went out for our last night and hit up some local bars.

Saturday came too fast and we were headed back to SFO (Oakland for Diana).

As you can tell we ate, drank and tanned our way through our trip. I couldn't of asked for a better week with the girls!!!
All pics were taken by me, but I stole a few from my sister.


Annie said...

it looks like all you pretty ladies had so much fun!!!
there is nothing wrong with lots of photos ;) they are all great!!
i want to get away to somewhere warm!

Marcie Franich said...

I want to go back!!

Kristin said...

Fabulous photos!! I just got back from NYFW with my I wanna plan a tropical vacay with her too. I'm thinking we need to go back to Jamaica. We were there for her wedding a couple years ago and it was amazing!