Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Help

Okay ladies...I need your fashion expertise!!
I am going to a wedding in L.A. this weekend and just bought a dress similar to the one pictured below. However, the one I bought is black, does not have the rouching that this one does and the flowers do not go around the neck line rather just on the shoulder.
Sorry, bad picutre I know!!!!
I am hoping you can give me your opinions on accessories.
I LOVE adding fun shoes to a black dress (read purple, pink or blue) but I don't know if the one shoulder silhouette and the flower on the shoulder with colorful shoes would be too much or not?!?!
I also have simple diamond jewlery (necklace, bracelet and earings - my wedding jewlery) that I typically wear to weddings but don't know if I should just do earings and a bracelet and no necklace or just a bracelet and no earings or necklace, etc.
And what do I do about a coat or shall? If I put anything over the dress, it is going to look like I am wearing shoulder pads on one shoulder!! Haha.
Also, I have a black clutch that I will be using to keep my phone, lip gloss, etc. in.
Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?

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Katelin said...

i definitely vote on colorful shoes for sure with a black dress, it'll make it stand out even more.