Monday, January 18, 2010

Smooth As Butter

This weekend we continued to celebrate Mr. Pickle's 30th birthday!!

Late Saturday afternoon a few of us headed to Tres Agaves for an early dinner.

Me & Mr. Pickle

Joey, Mr. Pickle's Dad, Mr. Pickle's Mom, Me
Andrea, Dave & Mr. Pickle

Mr. Pickle & Joey

So as you may see in the above photos, a few of us are dressed up (we got a lot of looks from fellow diners)...allow me to explain. We went to dinner before we headed to Butter. Butter is a white trash/eighties bar where we had Mr. Pickle's party. Dressing up for the party was encouraged. I love theme parties, so of course I was down to dress up as were a select few.

Mr. Pickle & My Sister

These shirts were worn at Mr. Pickle's Bachelor Party a few years ago. I love that they had no idea the other was going to be wearing these shirts.


Mr. Pickle & Me

Sunday morning a group of us headed over to my sister and her boyfriend's apartment for brunch (thanks Scott).

Morning After

The rest of the day Sunday was spent relaxing and getting ready for yet another work week.


Jen said...

hahah you know ashley!? that's so random but cool! what a small world. she works with me at mac. she's such a sweet girl!

Marcie Franich said...

What a fun night! You can never go wrong with a night out at Butter!