Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recap of 2009

Since I just started blogging, I thought it would be fun to show you all what I have been up to the last year. I really want to do a recap of the decade, but that is going to be super looooong and I need to scan in pictures (digital camera's weren't my thing in the early decade) for your viewing pleasure.

So without further ado, my recap of 2-0-0-9!!

Warning: Loooong post with lots of pics

PS. I took some from my sis and her boyfriend's blog


Mr. Pickle and I started the New Year off right (and very similar to how we started off the New Year this year). We had dinner with Mr. Pickle's mom and dad and joined the celebration at my sister's apartment in SF then went to the Utah to ring in the New Year. Mr. Pickle & I on New Year's Eve

Mr. Pickle's birthday celebration in Pacific Grove. Our friend's parent's have a beautiful home in Pacific Grove and we have spent the last few years there for Mr. Pickle's birthday. Always a good time!!
Pacific Grove

The end of January was spent helping my sis and her boyfriend move to another apartment in San Francisco followed by a girls night in Sacramento.

My Sac-Town Girls


"Watched" the Super Bowl, of course. I am more about the Super Bowl parties, while Mr. Pickle is more about the actual game.

Valentine's Day was spent at home snuggled up on the couch watching movies and eating pizza.

Mr. Pickle and I attended Lane & Carmen's wedding in Lodi.

Mr. Pickle and Lane (the Groom)

My sister was scheduled to donate her kidney to my mom, but got rescheduled when my mom got an infection the night before surgery. This was hard to deal with at the time.


Went to Sacramento to spend a night with my girls.

Made a day trip to Napa to taste some wine and have a picnic.

Made a day trip to Sonoma to drink more wine.

The girls at Ledson


My mom and sis had a successful transplant surgery and were on their way to recovery. My sister's surgeon actually took a video of the procedure. If you are interested, you can watch it here.

Went to Livermore to do some wine tasting. We stopped at a bunch of new wineries, but went to a few that we go to everytime.

Had Easter at my mom's house in the Bay Area.


Mr. Pickle and I went to Carmel for the weekend. We ended up spending some time with some friends of ours that hooked us up with a huge suite at The Lodge Pebble Beach.

Attended a baby shower for my friend Juli. Her mom made the cake herself, isn't it lovely!?!

June (my birthday month)

Rented a limo and went to Napa with some friends to go wine tasting and celebrate my birthday.

Ready to drink some wine

Had a BBQ at my mom's to celebrate my birthday.

Went to Tahoe with a group of celebrate my birthday (not really, but who cares).

Roasting Marshmallows

Went to the Twinkies/A's game. (my sister's boyfriend is from Minnesota, Mr. Pickle and I are A's fans, my sister was raised an A's fan, but after living in San Francisco for so many years, has become more of a Giants fan...she was an A's fan for the night)

Spent the weekend in Sacramento and hung out with the girls.

Went camping with friends for 4th of July

Found a random winery open on the 4th of July

Mr. Pickle and I rented a Harley for the day and rode to Napa and Sonoma with his parents (they each have a Harley) Went to Bodega Bay for my sister's birthday
At Ledson Again

Mr. Pickle and I celebrated our two year anniversary (unfortunately I was sick so we didn't do much)
Celebrated my sister's birthday some more with a party & sloshball


Mr. Pickle and I rented a Harley for the day again and rode to Mt. Tam
I bought myself a pink bike

Isn't she purty


Went to Tahoe for Labor Day weekend and attended Rib Fest in Reno (a tradition)

Went to Napa for a day of wine tasting

Attended Jason and Cheryl's engagement party. Can't wait for their wedding!!

Attended Joey and Lindsey's wedding in Carmel

Mr. Pickle & I. Mr. Pickle gave the greatest Best Man speech! So proud :)

My Grandpa got in a horrible car accident but managed to survive. (He drove off the side of the road and flipped several times before the car stopped rolling and was upside down. He hung upside down for four hours while stuck in his car. The CHP found his car by helicopter because of his cell phone signal. He walked away from the accident with a few scratches. Sooooo lucky.)

You can see the news footage here.

Saw Tainted Love in San Francisco

Love 80's Attire

Went to Tahoe for Amy and Cheryl's birtday celebration Went to Sonoma for the day to do some wine tasting

Our Annual Halloween Party - Disturbia in Surburbia


Celebrated Brie's 30th birthday. Her sweet husband arranged for 17 of us to get manis & pedis, rented a limo, took us to Yoshi's in Oakland and took us to a bar afterwards. She was surprised and we all had a blast.
Mr. Pickle and I went to Mexico (Cabo) for Tony & Michelle's wedding. We made a vacation out of it and stayed almost a week.
We took an extra day vacation to do laundry, relax, etc...Instead Mr. Pickle and I went to Napa for the day. It was a really nice way to end our vacation.
Cakebread Winery

Attended a Holiday party at Greg & Michell's in Modesto.

My family's Fakesgiving in the Bay Area. We had family in from Michigan, Montana and a bunch from Santa Cruz (where a lot of my family is from).
My Fam
Went to Santa Cruz with my cousin visiting from Michigan

Thanksgiving with Dustin's family in Modesto
Celebrated Mr. Pickle's dad's 60th birthday in Modesto. Went to Sacramento to hang with the girls.
Attended a Christmas/House Warming Party at Nick & Tyler's new pad in San Francisco

Saw the Nutcracker in San Francisco with a great group of gals and enjoyed some cocktails after the show.

Attended an engagement party for Rebecca and Johann. So glad to finally meet the lucky guy that is going to marry my friend!!

Celebrated Scott's (my sister's boyfriend) birthday in San Francisco. Milano Pizza

Celebrated Constance's birthday in Sacramento
Dancing the night away

Mr. Pickle and I spent Christmas Eve day in Livermore at his Uncle's house and Christmas Eve in El Sobrante at my Grandpa's house

Christmas was celebrated at Mr. Pickle's parent's house in Modesto. We drove back home (the Bay Area) Christmas day. That night we made hot chocolate and went looking at the houses in the area decorated for Christmas. So pretty!! Puka Claus got to come too!!

Hung out with some friends from high school.

Friends for over 10 years!!

What a WONDERFUL year!! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store!!


Anonymous said...

I love this!!!! What a fantastic 2009 you had! :)

Marcie Franich said...

WOW!!! Great post!!! I love seeing what we've been up to the whole year and I love all of the pictures. Keep the posts coming. So far, your blog is one of my favs. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it BB!!! but not as much as I love you:) I miss you!

Marvin said...

Nice looking year you had there!