Sunday, April 21, 2013


I know posting had been sparse around these parts. I don't even know if anyone still reads my blog. I am okay if readers have moved on to blogs that contains more than one post every couple of months. But, just because I may not have readers, doesn't mean I am not still going to use this blog as an outlet.

I have been going through some things lately that have left me feeling lost. I have been asked what truly makes me happy and am only being honest when I say that I really don't know (other than the typical family, friends, having a job, being fairly healthy, etc.) I know everyone has their struggles and is dealing with more than I am, so I tend to jut keep this to myself rather than opening up about it, but it is something I am struggling with.

I have been diagnosed with depression and been on antidepressants a number of times since I was a teenager. I go to a counselor to work on issues also. I would love to be someone who is just naturally happy, but I don't think it is part of my inner workings. I get in my head a lot and can't turn my brain off to just enjoy life. I over analyze everything.

I feel like I am walking through a dark cave and am just anxious to get through to the other side and enjoy some sunshine and happiness.


Ashley said...

Aw, friend! THinking of you! xo

Diana said...

We are two peas in a pod that way! Feeling the same lately girlie, glad we'll get to spend some more time together :)