Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Review

My weekend started on Thursday night, and I was busy busy all weekend long!!

Friday my sis and I ran a bunch of errands and did some crafting for my birthday party that was on Saturday night.

Saturday was spent prepping the house (girls) and the food (boys) for the evening festivities. My 30th birthday party was a masquerade theme and we had so much fun.

My sister and I were in charge of the sweets table. We had rice krispy treats dipped in chocolate, cake pops, mask shaped cookies, mini cupcakes, chocolate dipped marshmallows and a small candy bar (rolos, kisses, swedish fish, jelly beans and rock candy). Surprisingly we didn't have too much left over! We also made the sign and the cake stands for the cupcakes (from old plates and candlestick holders we found at the thrift store).

The boys were busy cooking up a storm on Saturday. It is pretty common for our friends to come to our parties and expect some delicious food and the boys delivered, as always. They made bruschetta, tri tip sliders, teryaki chicken satay, mac & cheese won ton crisps, crab stuffed mushrooms and artichoke bites.My mom made a corn salsa dip and my friend made spinach dip. Again, we had very few leftovers!

Me & Mr. Pickle - I painted on my mask (used this tutorial) because I knew I wouldn't end up wearing the mask all night and didn't want to fuss with it.

Sunday we cleaned and rested!

I am in some serious need of sleep, but it was all worth it! I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family in my life.

My sister's camera has some HI-larious photo booth pics that I will have to post when she gets sends them to me.


Diana said...

We had so much fun!!! The food was amazing as usual! And I loved making masks (even though I have zero creativity).

Katelin said...

what a fabulous birthday idea! glad you had such a great time and seriously that sweets table looks delicious, yum!

Marcie said...

Awesome birthday party!